Saint Vincent’s Hospital – Bridgeport CT


This project consisted of the installation of footings installed on the ground floor of the existing hospital, The installation of structural steel up thru four floors of existing hospital in occupied space, the installation of a structural steel platform above the fourth floor roof to support two- two megawatt generators and a prefabricated substation with a combined weight of 210,000 pounds, Road closures and coordination with the City of Bridgeport to facilitate the crane assembly and setting of the equipment, the installation of a 1,500 gallon Fuel tank and containment piping system to the roof, and the installation of two new 13,800 volt feeder circuits to the hospital along with a new power distribution system. This project was started on 6/28/04 and completed on 3/24/05, 3 months ahead of schedule, with a total contract amount of $2,014,630.

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