Danbury Airport Beacon Rehabilitation

Replacement of power poles and power lines at four locations, from where the utility power ended, up through the woods on an average of a 30 to 45 degree angle to the top of the mountains where each location had a flashing beacon at the top of the wooden poles that ranged from 55’ to 75’ in height. Rizzo also replaced these poles and built them with guide cables, climbing steps and safety cables for fall protection. New disconnects, piping and wiring were used for the beacon at the top of the poles as well. Old access roads were redone in order to allow access to the top of the mountains.

At one location, a 5 foot tall rotating beacon was replaced with a reconditioned beacon which was mounted at the top of a 60’ tall steel tower. Rizzo accomplished this task using a 120’ boom lift that was brought to the top of the mountain with the help of heavy equipment.

Rizzo upgraded the lighting controls for the airfield lighting and the radio receiver with the newest technology. The control panel in the tower was upgraded from old turn knobs and toggles switches, to a touch screen that controls the airfield lights through a fiber optic interconnect to the lighting vault.

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