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The American dream is embodied in the history of A.M. Rizzo Electrical Contractors Inc. Anthony Rizzo Sr. was born in Italy just a month after his father’s death. Unable to speak a word of English, Anthony Sr. was sent to the United States at the age of twelve to live with his relatives. Hard work and intense determination brought significant rewards. Four years after he graduated from Henry Abbott Tech, Anthony Sr. and his wife Joan founded A.M. Rizzo Electrical Contractors Inc., providing electrical construction services to business and government entities in Connecticut.

Over 50 years later, Rizzo Electric handles industrial, commercial and municipal electrical contracts throughout Connecticut and New York. All of this is managed and developed now by the second generation of Rizzo’s, making Rizzo Electric one of the few area businesses truly family owned and operated. Today, Anthony Jr. is CEO of Rizzo Electrical Contractors, Inc., where he is joined by his brother-in-law, and President of the company, Tony Rebeiro.

Their involvement in Rizzo Electric has helped the business continue to grow with projects such as the Danbury Wastewater Treatment Plant, highway advisory systems, and many major corporate and community projects, all indicative of the family qualities that make Rizzo Electric such a valuable choice in electrical contracting. Respect and integrity, qualities often missing in business, are essential in maintaining not only family structure, but also a business the Rizzo family can be proud of.

This ideal makes each customer – whether the account is for $100 or $1,000,000 – part of the family. This means that each time Rizzo Electric accepts a contract, that customer is treated with honor, respect, and integrity. By maintaining these values, Anthony Rizzo Sr. and his family have built a business that truly delivers “Service with Peace of Mind”.

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