AM Rizzo Updates Derby Signals

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AM Rizzo workers showed up at the corner of Division and Pershing near Derby’s Ansonia line Friday, and upgraded the intersection’s signals.

Once the work is complete, pedestrians approaching the intersection will have walk buttons to give them time to cross the busy intersection. Today the four-way intersection has one pedestrian-controlled walk signal.

Jeff Hazard, foreman, explained the new equipment, provided by New England Traffic Solutions, will replace 1990-era equipment that still manages traffic there 25 years later.

The Derby intersection is one of 21 intersections around the state being upgraded in this state Department of Transportation project. The work started in 2014, and the estimated cost is $3.6 million. Of the seven intersections left to complete, two have work to be completed underground and five have work to finish in the air, said Project Manager Dennis Sharp.

Amil Lockwood, electrician II, and Hazard, foreman, worked together Friday to install a “Y” Connector that will be used as part of a cable frame between poles to support the new signals and 21 Conductor, if necessary.


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